Consultation services are provided for those who are doing well but are looking for information and expert guidance. Consultation is typically brief, from one to four visits.

The difference between a consultation session and a therapy session is in the purpose and goal. Both begin with an initial evaluation during which we will clarify your goals. Consultation is focused on prevention of problems and learning psychological wellness practices. Therapy, on the other hand, is appropriate when a problem already exists, and involves specific treatment strategies to facilitate healing.

Many women seek consultation if they have previously experienced a perinatal mood disorder or a traumatic birth. Consultation can be helpful in giving you tools to plan for a future pregnancy or birth to decrease the chance that you will experience PPDA again. It is also invaluable for helping you create a safety net so that if you do develop a postpartum mood disorder you have supports and plans in place to facilitate your healing and care.

Examples of typical consultation goals are

  • to find out if you are doing the right things to prepare for a psychologically and emotionally healthy pregnancy and birth,
  • to learn specific strategies for minimizing the chance of developing a perinatal mood disorder in an upcoming pregnancy,
  • to learn relaxation and pain reduction techniques to cope with labor and birth,
  • to learn strategies for helping baby and mom learn to sleep well.

Dr. Cohen-Archer is also available to speak or provide workshops on these issues for groups or organizations.

Contact Dr. Cohen-Archer to schedule a consultation session or to inquire about a speaking engagement.

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