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If you answered yes, know that you are not alone. Whether it is anxiety, sadness, guilt, rage, or scary The Postpartum Adjustment Center, we understand what it is like to struggle during what is supposed to be a joyous time. How it hurts in so many ways -- your confidence, your connection with others, your bond with your baby, even your sense of yourself. Whether it is pregnancy counseling, postpartum counseling, infertility counseling, relationship therapy, grief counseling, or trauma therapy, we understand, and we know how to help.  

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  • Find Joy

    With the right care, perinatal depression and anxiety are treatable, allowing you to be the mom you want to be. Let us help you decide what steps to take to feel better.

  • Find Rest

    Is worrying about your sleep, or your baby's sleep, robbing you of precious slumber? Learn how to sleep restfully, and how to help your little ones sleep so you can, too.

  • Find Connection

    General Mental Health Services
    Learn to cope with stress, adjust to major life changes, keep emotions in balance, and communicate effectively. We provide evidence-based care to help you find emotional wellness and healthy satisfying relationships.

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As a licensed psychologist, I am trained to first focus on your strengths, and to help you build on these for growth and healing.  Your therapy is tailored specifically for you, the way you learn, the way you process new information. I use evidence-based treatments, along with creativity and humor to help you reach your therapy goals.  By listening with openness, compassion, and empathy I aim for you to leave each session feeling safe, understood, and supported. You deserve to feel like yourself again.  Reaching out is the first step towards wellness. Click below to begin your healing. 

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  • I have absolutely loved working with Dr. Cohen-Archer. She’s kind, a good listener, always helps me find my way to the answer, allows space for my emotions and to just breathe, and truly gets excited for my happiness and growth.

  • Colby is understanding, patient, compassionate. I often feel like I am sitting with a wise friend having coffee when talking to her, but she has the skills to help you ask and answer the questions you need to move forward.

  • Dr. Cohen Archer was so helpful to me in working through my postpartum anxiety. She listened attentively and offered a variety of helpful approaches. She validated my feelings but also let me know which fears were irrational, which I needed to hear.

  • I saw Dr. Cohen-Archer about twice a month for a little over a year, in which time I made an incredible amount of progress on multiple facets in my life. She listens with empathy, customizes your sessions to fit your personal needs and goals, and kindly guides you closer to being who you want to be.

  • My time with her helped me grow my self esteem, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and own my self worth without validation from other people. I am living a life that at one point was a day dream I never thought could possibly come true.

  • I’ve become a kinder, calmer, gentler momma and wife thanks to her. She helped me find the root of each issue and how to cope and taught me the “science” behind it as well. She could see the way my brain works and that’s what I needed. I am just so thankful for her.

  • Dr. Cohen-Archer was instrumental in helping me through significant post-partum depression after my second child. I would not have recovered as quickly or as well without her help

  • I had never seen a counselor, struggled with depression or anything and I was unsure about seeing her, but once I met with her I never looked back. She helped me feel normal and assured me that I was not alone in my struggle.

  • With her guidance and suggestions I was able to prepare myself, my family, and set up safe-guards to help identify the onset of PPD should it occur again. I was better equipped postpartum after my third child because of her help.

  • I’m doing better than I’ve ever been since I’ve had my boys. Five years that I wish I could completely do over. I’m so grateful for your guidance, support, and life lessons (including self-forgiveness). Thank you from me and my family a million times over. You changed our lives.

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